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Xtreme Assurance

Don't let retail charge-backs upset your supply chain

You work hard to earn every penny. Saia LTL Freight believes you should not have to worry about retail charge-backs on window deliveries. So we developed a unique program that enables you to minimize and even eliminate costly and annoying charge-back fees.

With Saia LTL Freight's Xtreme Assurance (XA) program you can track and document all your XA shipments. By coordinating tasks including appointment scheduling, delivery, and notification in case of delays, Xtreme Assurance helps put more nickels and dimes in your pocket.

Xtreme Assurance provides:

  • Location determination for any XA shipment
  • Automatic appointment scheduling
  • Assistance in case of delays
  • Automatic notice of any delays
  • Monthly compliance reporting so you can keep track of your must arrive window shipments

Xtreme Assurance Tools to Help Manage Must Arrive By Shipments

Reverse Transit Time Calculator

Use our reverse transit calculator to determine when freight needs to ship in order to comply with must arrive by schedules. Enter your pick-up location, delivery destination and the must arrive by date. The calculator displays the pick-up date required to safely make the delivery window. (Try it now)

XA Compliance Reporting

Track compliance with XA shipments on a weekly or monthly basis, using a variety of metrics. For example, a "Delivery Before Exception" (DBE) report will provide shippers with confirmation that the specific shipment count requirement was met. Or monitor other metrics such as your window delivery on-time percentage.

Note: XA Compliance Reporting is available only through Saia Secure. If you do not have a Saia secure log-in, click here to establish one.

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