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Saia Guaranteed

Saia Guaranteed

Your go–to service when it really counts
Putting our name on the line – for you

At Saia LTL Freight, when we give you our word, we mean it. That's why you can feel confident with Saia Guaranteed - our reliable guaranteed service backed by our proven, experienced team.

You pick the time - and Saia gives you peace of mind with reliable on-time delivery.

DELIVERY TIME (on standard delivery day) UPCHARGE
BY 12 PM 30%
BY 5 PM 20%
*Minimum charge of $50 for 12 PM and $35 for 5 PM


Simply write "Saia Guaranteed - 12" or "Saia Guaranteed - 5" on your bill of lading and we'll take it from there.

Every guaranteed shipment is specially marked within the Saia system, giving our experts up-to-the-minute visibility and the critical information they need to make certain your freight is delivered by the time you select.

*All shipments are subject to rules and conditions as outlined in the Saia LTL Freight 170 rules tariff, Item 1020.

In the event that you do have to file a claim, our online access to claim forms is quick and simple.

To learn more, call our customer service team today