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Customer Service Indicators®

If it were easy everyone would do it

Saia LTL Freight never stops working to improve service to you. That’s what the Customer Service Indicators (CSIs) are all about.

Saia LTL Freight’s CSIs is a proactive service improvement program that is entirely unique in the industry. It starts by identifying the six most important components of service according to our customers.

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    • Pick-up Performance

      Great service begins by showing up on time. That’s what Pick-up Performance measures. It’s the percentage of outbound shipments we picked up on the day requested, as per the pick-up confirmation.

    • On-time Delivery

      Another critical step is delivering the freight on time as indicated by Saia’s published transit times. On-Time Delivery shows the percentage of total shipments that we delivered on the service due date.

    • Claims-free Service

      Great service isn’t just about getting it there on time. Everything must be undamaged and accounted for. A claim is any request, made by you or your customer, for reimbursement for damaged freight, a shortage, or overage. Claims-free service indicates the percent of total outbound shipments for each month that were handled without a claim.

    • Exception-Free Delivery

      At the same time, your shipment must arrive intact, no exceptions. An exception is any freight that has suffered damage during loading, unloading or in transit; or shows a shortage or overage in the count. In other words, exception-free means the delivery was signed for as ‘clear’. Saia’s Exception-Free Delivery metric measures the percentage of all outbound shipments delivered undamaged and complete.

    • Claims Settled Within 30 Days

      Should there be a claim, it needs to be resolved swiftly and completely. Our Claims Settled Within 30 Days metric measures the percent of claims, less than $1,000, settled within thirty business days.

    • Invoicing Accuracy

      The final step in a flawless shipment is ensuring the information Saia has entered on the invoice agrees with the information on the outbound bill and is rated correctly. Invoicing Accuracy represents the percentage of invoices with no carrier-related errors

Saia LTL Freight tracks, measures and publishes our performance in each of these areas; quarterly on a companywide basis and monthly for every customer. We share the results – good and bad - with our customers. We work together to improve our service to them and to give them deeper insight into the inner workings of their supply chain.

Saia‘s CSI program is accountability in action. It challenges us, and our customers, to reach higher and farther.

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